WORKS Sway Bar Hollow Front, Adjustable 25mm

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There is no better way to get your car to corner flatter, deeper and with more conviction than with WORKS Sway bars. Upgrading the front sway bar is a crucial step in getting the 86 to corner flatter and have improved turn-in. WORKS has developed the perfect sway bar to achieve these goals. The WORKS adjustable front sway bar boasts hollow construction making it almost 15% lighter than the OEM unit while being up to 256% stiffer! At 25mm in diameter the larger front bar was designed for drastically improved cornering, better transitioning between corners and sharper steering response as tested here at Sonoma Raceway. The WORKS front sway bar is also two-way adjustable allowing the customer to fine tune handling characteristics. Heat treated for consistent rates the WORKS sway bar is very high quality with one-piece forged construction (no welded ends that break), stopper collars that prevent lateral bar shifting and a blue powder coated finish for durability. This sway bar is a direct replacement for the OEM unit utilizing the factory mounting brackets, and it comes complete with polyurethane bushings for a perfect fit and has been the choice of many autocross and track cars. Combine it with our rear hollow sway bar for a perfect matched set. 

WORKS 2- way Adj. Hollow Front Sway Bar 
WORKS USB Sway Bar Bushings 
WORKS Installation Instructions


  • Improved Handling and Reduced Body-Roll
  • Perfectly balanced for neutral-steering handling and precise turn-in response
  • Spring Steel Alloy, Cold-Formed and Powerdercoated for long-lasting Performance and durability
  • Greasable Urethane Bushings for increased responsiveness
  • Precision Forged Ends
  • OEM Style Collar Stoppers to prevent the bar from shifting
  • See Technical Specs above

Technical Specs

  • 25mm (1.0 in) tubular 2-position adjustable
  • Measured bar rate:
  • P1 = 67.2 N/mm (384 lbs/in) +171%
  • P2 = 100.7 N/mm (575 lbs/in) +256%
  • Weight: only 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
  • Bushings: New urethane bushings with grease grooves

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