Motul 300V Synthetic Racing Engine Oil Trophy 0w40

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All professional racers know that when the track gets tough, you’ve got to keep your cool—and keep your engine cool. Developed specifically for the latest generation of high-performance racing engines, top-quality Motul 300V Synthetic Racing Engine Oil is 100% synthetic engine oil that delivers optimal protection against engine wear caused by high speeds.

Just like no track is the same, Motul knows no engine is the same, so they offer a wide range of racing oils that are up to your speed. For the high reliability and medium engine dilution needed for sprint, rally and GT racing, go for Chrono Motul 300v 10w40. For power and reliability, try the Motul 300v 5w30. And for power and protection, you can’t go wrong with Motul 300v 5w40.

Founded and proven on the toughest, most demanding race circuits around the world, Motul is a trusted partner for many professional race teams. Motul not only protects, but takes the win in these demanding conditions so you know you’ve got the winner’s circle in sight.