Fortune Auto Servicing Process

Fortune Auto Servicing Process

A road going car's suspension will operate several dozens if not hundred times per minute depending on the road surface. The demands placed on track car suspension is even greater, with movements performed at higher speeds and with more force. 

The difference between good and bad suspension could be a noticeable drop in lap times or handling. As the suspension is the only thing pressing your wheels into contact with the road, you want to make sure you choose wisely when purchasing. When selecting suspension for your track car, you should determine whether the company includes a warranty, find out if you can source spare parts and establish whether the manufacturer can service your coilovers.

We stock coilovers from Fortune Auto as they tick all of these boxes. Their expert suspension technicians hand assemble damper kits in-house at their Richmond, Virginia, USA facility. Each part is evaluated extensively before shipping, including a comprehensive dyno test.

Their coil-overs make use of digressive mono-tube design, currently the best possible coil-over technology available. We're proud to work with a company that offers such high-quality products and a sterling service. We love that Fortune Auto even includes a 1-year warranty on their products, even covering internal consumable parts. They have a dedication to making the best possible track day coilovers.

The demands of track day driving and racing will eventually wear any coil-over unit. Fortune Auto offers a warrantied rebuild service that will restore your dampers, let's look at the process in more detail.

Servicing Process

The standard shock rebuilding overhaul service process is as follows:

  • Disassemble coilover and inspect shocks
  • Exterior parts are cleaned
  • Worn shims and o-ring seals are replaced
  • Nitrogen is refilled as needed
  • Shock oils are checked and refilled with synthetic Amsoil oil
  • Performance is calibrated and verified on a dyno 

This is quite an involved process and it will extend the life of your coilovers further. 

Servicing Equipment

In-house, Fortune Auto have a specialist shock testing dynamometer to ensure that rebuilt coilers delivery maximum performance. They test:

  • Compression performance of the coil-over
  • Rebound action performance
  • Seal drag (testing seal friction)
  • Sweep performance 
  • Cavitation testing - Checking bubble formation in shock oil
  • Comparative testing

Coil-overs can be custom re-valved in-house too. 

Service Intervals

For non-track use, Fortune Auto recommend having your dampers reconditioned every 60,000 miles. For mixed non-track / track usage, you should be servicing them every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Vehicles used exclusively on track will need the suspension components inspecting every 1,000 miles.

Commitment to quality

It is heartening to see a company with such a high commitment to quality and after sales care. It is, for this reason, we are happy to stock Fortune Auto parts and, the ultimate endorsement, opt to fit their products to our own vehicles.