3D BMW e30 Suspension Series

3D BMW e30 Suspension Series

We love the BMW E30 here at suspensionspot.com. In an effort to create the best content we can, we commissioned the production of a 3D E30 model and garage scene. This model is going to form the basis of a series where we can look at suspension components in great detail, from any angle. 

We'll use the model to show you how to install coilover suspension, examine the internal workings of shock absorbers and later, we can use our rig to simulate the operation of the suspension system in action with real-time physics. If you've got any suggestions or requests, we're all ears!

We've designed a workspace that is simple and emulates the average home garage. Working on your own vehicle only requires a modest space such as a garage or drive and a basic compliment of tools. We want to inspire you to take the tools to your own project or track car.

The E30 model was made in Blender, an open-source 3D modelling program. Orthographic projections of an E30 were used to make an accurate representation of this BMW sedan. Once the modelling process is complete, the 3D artist then spends time creating node based materials that have reflection, colour, texturing and transparency properties for realism. For those interested, the 3D modeller used Cycles render engine. 

We even decorated the walls with some choice posters and vintage Americana. These details all add to the lighting, as digital light bounces around the scene.

We spent time recreating the engine bay also. The engine is based upon the 325i six-cylinder motor.

We've also made a selection of basic garage tools in 3D, to help with our tutorial demonstrations.

Finally, we created detailed models of E30 style McPherson struts and aftermarket coiler replacements.

This should be a fun series, if there's anything you'd like covering then hit us up in the comments.