WRP USB (Urethane Suspension Bushing) Kit

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The WORKS Urethane Suspension Bushings will firm up all of the front and rear suspension points as well as the rear differential (all of which are originally mounted using traditional rubber that is more pliable). These may not provide the same level of comfort as the stock rubber pieces, but will give the driver a more direct, responsive feel for the serious driving enthusiast. 

WORKS bushings are constructed from medical grade urethane with minimal porosity and the highest durability of any automotive bushing available. 

Available WRP*bushings:
-Front Lower Control Arm - Inboard, Forward
-Rear Lower Trailing Arm - Forward
-Rear Upper Control Arm - Inboard, Forward
-Rear Lower Control Arm to Shock Absorber
-Rear Rear Upper Control Arm - Inboard, Rearward
-Rear Bump Steer Correction Kit
-Rear Differential Housing
-Rear Differential Support Arm

Includes one pair of each bushing w/ grease packs (pictured without diff support arm bushing). Individual bushings also available--click on above name to view--as well as front and rear sway bar bushings. 

Application: '03-'06 EVO VIII/IX including GSR, MR, RS and SE 

*WRP (WORKS Racing Program) items are engineered to provide increased performance and may not be intended for use on public roads. Because we expect these products to be put through some extreme situations, certain items may not qualify for the WORKS Factory-matched Warranty.