My FWC Experience

The Ferrari World Challenge made its way to Monterrey a couple weeks ago and I got the chance to snag a paddock pass and get exclusive access to the racecars and chat with some of their drivers. I went purely as a fan to enjoy the sights and sounds and I’d like to share my experiences with you guys. Just some pics I snapped and videos I grabbed from over the weekend. Enjoy!

The Paddock

ferrari Tell people you’ve got a website and they let you a little bit closer to their racecars… The paddocks were full of not only professional drivers but also drivers that paid their way into the series, pretty much meaning, you’re good enough to drive a racecar, but not good enough for someone else to pay for all your escapades. A notable name on the track that weekend was Michael Fassbender who finished at at a… respectable 16th or 18th place, one of those two. brakes Got brakes? Made the mistake of touching these 10 mins after the car left the track, still very hot to the touch, these carbon ceramic brakes went through a lot of abuse. A wild La Ferrari appeared! For those that only speak english,  The Ferrari The Ferrari… Apparently if you owned a Ferrari this day you could take your ride out onto the track to see what you really paid for. Needless to say the owners had a blast and the cars seemingly never stopped coming.

The Race

The races that weekend flew by. With all day events from 9-6 the actual race events only lasted 20 mins each. Only 1 crash occurred at the very beginning and it was smooth racing after that. I spent most of my time at the iconic Corkscrew to catch some of the racing action.   ferrari The Corkscrew was full of action but no crashes up here, Saw some good passes and some interesting lines taken!   Thanks for checking out my experiences from the Ferrari World Challenge at Laguna Seca! I’ll occasionally post personal blog posts from time to time so stay tuned and if you haven’t already, sign up for the SuspensionSpot newsletter to get breaking news, reviews and overall cool things sent directly to your email here!    – Chris